Emporia Flexible Current SensorsEmporia Flexible Current Sensors

Flexible Current Sensor Solution
for Bus Bars and Combo Boxes

Combination Electrical Panel

Got Bus Bars?

Installing Emporia’s standard 200A Vue current sensors around a bus bar is difficult, if not impossible – and decidedly dangerous! Many North American homes have combo panels with the meter on one side and breakers on the other. These panels send the current from the meter side to the mains via bus bars. Now Emporia has a solution!

Flexible Current Sensors

Flexible Current Sensors

Flexible Current Sensors replace the 200A main sensors that ship with Gen 2 Vues. They employ a bendable Rogowski coil with a 1.4” (36mm) opening that can fit around most bus bars or into tight spaces where a standard current sensors clamp cannot fit. Installing the Flexible Current Sensors is still dangerous, and Emporia highly recommends that installation be performed by a licensed electrician or other qualified professional. Check out the Technical Specs.

Emporia Flexible Current Sensor Set

Here’s What You Get

Emporia Flexible Current Sensor can be purchased as a kit to replace the 200A main sensors of your Gen 2 Vue or you can buy bundled with a Vue. The kit comes with:

  • Two Rogowski coil sensors with 3.5mm plugs to connect to the main ports of a Gen 2 Vue
  • 120V-AC/12V-DC UL listed power supply
  • Online instruction manual
Emporia Flexible Current Sensors

Ready for Flex Sensors?

Take Control of Your Energy

  • Flexible Rogowski CT Sensors.
  • Monitor panels with Bus Bars.
  • Monitor panels with Combo Boxes
  • For use only with Gen 2 Vues
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